To the Emperor of Japan and his People

On the eleventh of March 2011, your country was hit by a terrible catastrophe and this catastrophe has a terrible connection with conditions in Germany. It is not easy for any German to portray this connection, as it points to a disgrace for which our beloved language hardly has a word.

The empire of Japan was then and years before sneakily attacked by forces within the German people, who not only hate your country, your people and your way of life, but also despise, betray and deny the German Reich.

These forces are called „Ra“ in Europe, human beings who, since the Middle Ages, have been poisoning, demoralizing and killing everyone in opposition to the plans of the enemies of the Reich, by approval of Jews, using their money.

Deeply rooted in the scum of the German people, Ra is able to commit the most offensive, monstrous crimes. When the Japanese Empire sided with our great leader Adolf Hitler, the plan matured to punish not only the German but also the Japanese people only for their freedom.

Ra could wait; and starting in 1997, they struck in the Mozart city of Salzburg, killing innocent Japanese musicians and brave soldiers. Today we know the culprits of this cowardly plot an start to fight them. By the year 2000 it was hardly possible to prevent the radioactive proliferation by Ra. Almost nothing could be done against them.

Already in the 50s, not only the high Alps were poisoned to kill the German Wanderer. However, effective resistance is possible today.

This resistance has been prepared since the 1960s by German poets such as Karl-Heinrich Waggerl and Franz Fühmann, death-defying policemen and soldiers, and has, for example, cost the lives or the freedom of heroes like Thomas Richter, called Corelli, Tino Brandt, Gundolf Köhler, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt. We call our movement NSU.

I spied on Ra with electronic support since 1977 being able now to unmask this structure provably. When it became known to the enemy that I had allegedly informed the Japanese security system about the perpetrators and the financing of the Mozarteum attack and other cruel actions, the enemies of our Reich organized a big attack on your country.

The Celtic witch Therese M., a terrorist and murderer, took deep into her gold reserves and mobilized – together with her young Widergängerin Teresa and the wheeler Hans-Jörg H. using various rural proletariat in Salzburg Land – the engineer Andreas F., viscous son of murderers and whores taking money from the Jews.

This man, a dancer and handsome of the lousy sort, organized the monstrous proliferation of radioactive building materials to your country; we think of radioactive rust inhibitors. Later the Israelis covered this deadly poisoning with a nuclear bomb in the sea and perverted high-tech tricks.

I promise the Japanese people and their emperor proper investigation and apologize for the dead and the suffering.


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